Fence Replacement

'During the hurricane of 2016 we lost the fence that surrounds Ms. Dorothy's House. In an effort to keep residents safe it is our goal to replace the fence. Fencing will protect the single moms and there family from low level intruders including stray dogs in the neighborhood.


Playground Equipment  

One of the most fundamental parts of being a child is the ability to go outside and play. With this in mind, it is our sincere desire to have a fenced in yard with safe equipment for children to swing, jump and simply play.


New Roof 

With all the struggles of starting and maintaining a new business the founders are struggling to keep everything afloat.

The roof has been patched repeatedly and needs to be replaced. This one expence could be the difference between a safe home or a shelter for many single mom families.


 Replace Exterior Doors

Two of the exterior doors must be correctly replaced with the nessesarry permits. The doors were already present when the property was purchased but they are not up to code. For the safety of the residents this project is a priority. 

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